Lapita Anuta sails to Lata, Santa Cruz

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Hanneke Boon
Three men on a double canoe sailing boat
Frederik the Anutan navigator (right)

Lapita Anuta In Action

This morning we received this email from one of the crew members of Lapita Anuta. She has now sailed 280 Nm back to Lata in Santa Cruz via Tikopia and will soon be returning to Anuta. The double canoe has started her job as independent transport for the island!! The other 'stuff' they are waiting for is a roll of Canvacon sailcloth, which we are arranging to transport to Anuta from Australia. Remember donations to this project are still very welcome, so we can keep supplying the boats with material for their upkeep.

Five people repairing a mast on land
The Lapita Anuta crew doing repair work on the mainsail, ashore in Anuta

Email from Joseph Maru (standing in blue shirt):

Hi, Hanneke Boon, it's been long time now since you left us with LAPITA ANUTA, we been sail from Anuta on Thursday 22 for Tikopia, Friday 23 arrived, leave for Lata 24 in the evening, arrived Kala Bay 25, 10pm this is our first ever see how Lapita travel. We are really happy to have our own yacht. By the way Hanneke we are now at Lata ready to leave for Anuta. Yes we receive all the stuff, we take it with us back to Anuta. We come to Lata to collect school books, biros, pencils. etc.. There are eight of us on board Lapita Anuta, four crews and four passengers. but we still wait for other stuff you promised us.

- Joseph Maru
A man steering a double canoe from the canopy cockpit
Jozeph Maru at the helm of Lapita Anuta