Big choice: tiki46, Ariki or Tehini???

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Big choice: tiki46, Ariki or Tehini???

hi everybody,

i’m 51, French and my focus is to build my own Wharram catamaran.

 Leaving in the Caribbean on a Nautitech 40 I just awoke up. What am i doing on this boat? My spirit is to sail the seas as a “wharramer” , in fact in my way on a Wharram plan. Ty James for inspiring me.

Now big deal is about choosing the design.

I like what GranPha builders did, i’m also inspire by Boatsmith Ariki Bazinga.

i’ll like to build her as a mix of those inspirations, much more cheaper then Bazinga and bit different then GranPha.

Any advice will be appreciate.

Is a Tehini with junk rig seems to be a great idea? My aim is to sail the seas with no hurry and no goals except being alive and happy.

Can we build a Tehini with the Bazinga cockpit and roof  if we still having a wingsail rig?

tiki 46 is not my favorite of the three we’re talking about, but she seems to be the more clever choice for many reasons. What’s your mind?

i intent to sell my  Nautitech and make this stupid money become a nice and safe Wharram babe. I’ll like to start building on September 2019.

Why a so big boat? Cause, I’m always playing the tools, diving, fishing.... need room. And having nice people, relatives or family on board still an option with this plenty of room.

At least should let you know that it’s my first try in building boat. No fear, now or never.


ty all

Language above still be English but in the French way, sorry if it sounds strange.