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Hinemoa vs Tiki 21

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Hinemoa vs Tiki 21
Sorry, haven't got any medical crap to sell. Just wanted to bother you all again with another silly boat query. I've been thinking about the Hinemoa again lately. Basically, if I have to go small (cheaper/faster to have professionally built, and then to maintain), then the Hinemoa seems a good option. It has more room inside and out (I'd make her slightly beamier) when compared with the Tiki 21, and I like the idea of having something a bit more 'robust/rugged'. I was just wondering about her performance (wing-sail rigged of course) against, say, a Tiki 21. I'm aware of the 200 odd Kg difference in weight, but just how much do you guys reckon that would slow it down? Could that extra weight be a bit of a benefit, e.g. in a chop(inertia)? I read in Tom Jones' book (Multihull Voyaging) about how they found the boat slow in light airs, and could only make perhaps 1 1/2 knots to windward in a seaway. How would this compare with a Tiki 21? Anyway, as usual I'd welcome all inputs. Cheers SD BTW - My Ulua build (* is still progressing, albeit at a glacial pace (hence the decision to go professional next time).