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My time is coming (hopefully) - Hinemoas in OZ?

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Scott Dierikx
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My time is coming (hopefully) - Hinemoas in OZ?

It looks like I might be coming into at least a little bit of money in a few months time. It's not much, but perhaps enough. Don't tell my missus, but I'm planning to stand on my digs & sequester a small portion (say $5000?) for a small boat (yeah, I'm STILL working on the Ulua canoe build [], but at least I'm progressing with it again and besides, this is different. What's with the interrogation? Don't judge me! Leave me alone!). 

So out of curiosity, I'm just wondering if there's any Hinemoas potentially for sale on the eastern seaboard of Australia. I don't mind if it needs some work (prob only way I'm going to be able to afford something anyway). I'm also going to be sticking a similar post in the Tiki forum, since I'm receptive to T21s as well. 

Looking forward to hearing about the multitude of perfect candidates, all well within my asthmatic budget and driving distance.