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New 26' Ethnic design

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New 26' Ethnic design
New 26' Ethnic design Sep 24th, 2007, 7:46pm The July letter really hit the spot for me - a 26' ish ethnic design is the one I have been waiting for. I think I am ready to admit that I would never need all the capability of the 'Child of the Sea' but I want more seakeeping and protection than the 'Tahiti Wayfarer' could offer. I guess a Pahi 26 with Crab Claws would probably do the job but I am sure a from scratch ethnic design would be more beautiful thing. Something with decent, snug, cockpits that you can huddle down in when things get a bit nasty but otherwise just a platform with a couple of decent sea-berths in the hulls would be fine. Maybe a Tipi type tent with a solid fuel (or diesel) stove pitched on the bridgedeck at anchor? (I am in the UK after all!). I would prefer strip planking over ply - I want this boat to be absolutely gorgeous! I am looking forward to it - anyone else? Chris Re: New 26' Ethnic design Reply #6 - Dec 10th, 2008, 5:34pm As of November 2008, Liz says its on the back burner for now. Much to my dismay, James isn't planning to design it anytime in the near future. I really think that this concept with a small decked over cabin in the front half of each hull and a watertight fish box behind that would make a great coastal fishing boat for two. It could be built and rigged with local materials and thereby provide the cheapest means possible of getting offshore to fish and dive. Is there any chance that this design has made its way off the back burner? I too find it very interesting and exactly what I am looking for. Thanks.