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removing 3rd beam on pahi 31

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removing 3rd beam on pahi 31

I was wondering what kind of structural problem will happen if I remove the 3rd beam of my Pahi 31. (the small one in the middle that dosen't cross hulls.)
I saw on some google image search that some pahi were modified in this sens. I imagine that if I do this change, I should also change rigging (putting mast forward) because this 3rd beam is nearly under foot mast. What kind of rigging would you suggest then?
Thanks a lot for any help.
PS : I'm sorry, I just found plans to do this modification... If someone already modify his Pahi in this sens, I would be glad to know what kind of difference he note while sailing.

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Pahi Beams

I went farther - I replaced the short beam with a full one in a new trough have only 3 full beams. Much better - rigging stays taut - it was always needing tightening before. Well tested now in open sea. I kept the original cutter rig in it's same place. Better sailing better cockpit better room in the cabin.
If you have the Tiki rig this stands on beam 2 anyway I believe so the short beam is redundant anyway and I believe many builders leave it off.

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discarded short beam

I built a 42ft and discarded the centre short beam. Built a cenrtre box to fit between beam 2 and 3 (that is counting full leangth beams). I use a schoonen rig with 13m masts and wingsails. Front mast is placed on beam 2 and back mast is placed on beam 3. I have a 120 persent Genoa on a furler. Works fine for me.