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wear pads under pahi 52 beams

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wear pads under pahi 52 beams

I am lifting all the beams on Hecate (Pahi 52) to maintain the bottom of the beams where they land on the hardwood pads at the lashing points. The original pads had a thin rubber sheet to stop abrasion between beams and pads but this has log ago worn away and the glassed hardwood surfaces of both beams & pads have been wearing on each other.
Does anyone have any advice on a decent material to use instead of rubber? Clearly we need to maintain a nice cushion to keep flexibility in the junction, but its a major job removing all pods, masts etc to lift the beams so I dont want to use rubber again if its just going to wear away as it has  before.
Any ideas out there?
Cheers all

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Wear Pads

I built a 42ft and use 15mm conveor belt material for my pads

Screwed with a quarter recesse and used valcanising rubber glue.

Four years and no sign of wear.

My lashings is very tight with 50mm play front to back. Still no need to tighten after four years.

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I also went to thicker rubber. The rubber is esential but more is better. While at Labuan Malaysia, an oil platform servicing island, I found all thickness sold in hardware stores, called gasket. They had one grayish with fiber reinforcing said to be low grade. The good kind is neoprene rubber more resilient. I used 5 or 6mm. It glues down with epoxy so strong you have to destroy to remove, but use good technique, wash and abrade the rubber and use thickened epoxy. Another thing, even though late, whenever something gets worn down like that its a good oportunity for improvment. Fill up the recession with glass and epoxy then grind flush now there us a tough inlay right where needed.Glenn Tieman