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Chiltern Timber - anyone with feedback?

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Chiltern Timber - anyone with feedback?


It's time for me to start purchasing marine ply for Tiki21 #980 (no name yet). The closest timber merchant to me selling this is Chiltern Timber. Here's their website

The marine plywood they're selling is gaboon throughout:

Price is £53+vat per big sheet, but delivery for 20 sheets would only be £30.

As far as a web description goes, this looks fine. Has anyone on this forum dealt with Chiltern Timber in the past, and if so what was your impression of them?

There's a bad review on Song Of The Paddle for this 'marine' plywood which they also sell. Almost definitely not marine ply.

At £22+vat per big sheet "if it's too good to be true, it usually isn't."

If I'm still apprehensive after replies, what would be the 'right' questions to ask the merchant on a phone call?

Many thanks in advance,