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Deadeyes for Dyneema shrouds tension

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Deadeyes for Dyneema shrouds tension

Did some of you tried to use deadeyes to tension Dyneema shrouds on a Tiki 21 ?
I tried to make some out of plywood, three layers of 6mm and glued with epoxy, but I am a little concerned about the tension they can hold.
Is there an alternative to plywood deadeyes for such small boats? What do you use on your own shrouds?
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Hanneke Boon
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Hardood deadeyes for Dyneema shrouds

We use hardwood dead eyes on Spirit of Gaia, we also use some small ones on the Tahiti Wayfarer. Always run the Dyneema shroud round the deadeye, this way if the deadeye fails the shroud is still attached to the hull via the lanyard. Small aluminium deadeyes for use with Dyneema are available in the USA from

A photo of our Dyneema shrouds and deadeyes will be published soon in the final part of the 'Spirit of Gaia renovation' blogs (part 9). Two older photos of the deadeyes can be found in the Pahi 63 photo gallery under 'details'.

There is also a photo of small hardwood deadeyes in the photo gallery of the lapita Voyage: These have only one hole and are used as blocks, you can make them with several holes and use them as rigging deadeyes.