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gennaker on tiki 21?

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gennaker on tiki 21?

Dear friends of light wind progress!


Together with a friend I am building a TIKI 21. We have cut out all the plywood and are now waiting for higher temperatures to start with the epoxy.

In the meantime I would like to do some “desk research”. I am pondering about our sails… Will the working jib and main be enough for light winds?

There is the pipe dream to sail the Danube from Vienna to the black sea. As far as we know by now there wont be too much wind around the river (in average about F2)… and I really don’t want to run the engine all the time. So I thought about a gennaker. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t want to race, we want to move.


Has anyone of you experience with a gennaker or similar sails on a tiki 21 or 26?

How do you fasten the tack (since it must be in front of the forestay isn’t it) ?

Can the gennaker also be used for dead downwind sailing? E.g. if the tack is fastened to the bow of one hull?


Thanks for replies