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Tiki 26 - Hull alignment issues

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Tiki 26 - Hull alignment issues


I'm restoring Tiki #355 from a pretty desparate state into a thing of elegance and beauty - hopefully.

When I got the boat, I didn't notice that the blocks which position the mast beam were out of alignment, I only realised when I took the beam off to rebuild it, and after reading the plans, foound that this beam should be hard up against the bulkhead.

On my boat, the starboard side, outboard block/pad is 7cm high and 3cm away from the cabin bulkhead, and on the port hull, the pad is 4cm high and aginst the bulkhead - so as far as I can tell the boat is longitudinally twisted...could that be right?

I've attached a couple of photos for clarity.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or can advise the best solution to sort it out, I'd really appreciate it.

Is it as simple as getting the hulls square in relation to each other as per the plan, then just re-making the supporting blocks?

Thanks for any advice.