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Hi, my Tiki 26 nr. 454 is near completion in South Africa. When I am inside one of the hulls the temperature is really very high. The mainhatch alone does not provide enough ventilation. Now I am in doubt where and what I can do best when I go coastal. cruising and sleeping in near tropical conditions of Mozambique and Madagascar. Sunproof, rainproof, waveproof? Where should the openings be best? 

Thanks, Alfred Daniels

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There are a range of

There are a range of solutions trading off complexity and effectivness verses keeping rain and seawater out. On one end a tent/awning blocks the sun and maybe some rain while allowing the wind but can't be used in all conditions. At the other end there are built in dorade boxes that allow a little air but can be used in storms. Ive never installed a special ventalator in twenty years of tropical cruising, always more important jobs, but find a small usb powered fan makes a huge difference without using much power. Anyway you'll survive while trying diferent things as you go. Glenn Tieman