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Been a While !

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Been a While !
I have had the privilege of sailing with the Wharram gang many years ago ! On Tehini to France (Brittany) on Tikki and Hita (great little fella that one !) We swam with dolphins a lot too and that was amazing :) Then took another cat to the Algarve, but the model escapes me (about 40ft) ! I have never owned my own boat but still one day hope to, but it cannot be a priority at the moment. I do hope to get to Cornwall soon and meet up again with all the 'Wharram family' that will be good. Perhaps if the weather and facilities allow maybe I might get a chance to sail but we shall see. A nice chat and a cup of tea will be fine for now though ! :) I have always loved the basic principal of the concept of a cat design - it is so much more stable and comfortable. Anyway was great to talk with Hanneke again today - see you soon I hope :) I use the php3 forum for my own site and it is v good and a big improvement to the v2. I see v3.07 is now out ! [btw could use a gen chat Forum. :)] Maybe later in the summer I will get a chance to sail again :)