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help to find a builder

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help to find a builder
Hi there,
I´m a German living in Munich who bought a Wharram Narai MK IV from an italien guy in nothern Italy 35 Years ago. The boat is still allive and after some years in the Med she is now in Panama.
I know that the boat was built in Whitby SoutEast England. The names of the Builder were Brian Priest and Brian Turner. Maybe it is nice for them to hear that the boat is still allive and what happened to her.
The name is still the old : "Mara Noka".
I sponsored with some Pounds a long time ago a small paperbook with tricks around to built a Wharram. In there I found the names of the buiders.
Maybe you can help me or you know someone who can do it.
If you can do it please contct me on
Best Regards
Andreas Joers