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Classic Tane with jip leech stretching issue

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Marco Drost
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Classic Tane with jip leech stretching issue

Dear wharram members,

I am sailing the classic Tane for more than 10 years now with much pleasure. Only the jip is not enjoying these trips. The jip leech is (over) stretched somehow. I have now replaced 2 jips and about to go for a third one. I have discussed the matter with my sailmaker (UK de Vries) and they do not understand what happens to my sail and how the leech is damaged. It results in an s-shape that starts about 30 cm from the leech and results in luffing of the leech itself. The current sail is a crosscut made from dacron (Fibercon Pro Low Aspect 7.46) of which the sailmaker says it is very heavy for such a small sail area (12m2) and such a small boat. I agree that it feels heavy for such a small jip. But on the other hand until 6 Beaufort and some times more it needs to be doing its work.

What have we done until now:

  • Checked the leech line extended it and let it run free
  • Removed the leech band and replaced it with a more flexible one
  • Recut the leech
  • I can adjust the lead of the jip sheet in all directions but does not change a thing
  • Trimming closed hauled is done by pulling the foot and then pulling on the leech until the telltales are all horizontal



  • What weight or cloth type are you using for your jip
  • Are there more people with this experience?

Best regards

Marco Drost

P.s. I have some youtube sailing movies look for: 'Tane sailing' or look for 'drokses sailing'.