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Disassembling and Shipping a 31' Tiki

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Disassembling and Shipping a 31' Tiki

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ALoha and Malo 'e lelei!
I am considering purchasing a 31' Tiki that is in B.C., Canada and want to disassemble and ship it cheaply to Nukualofa Tonga for an artisinal fishing co-op in my village in Ha'apai. Its a project boat that needs some basic work and isn't fitted yet for a distance voyage so can't sail it plus I'm not yet experienced enough to sail her :/ But its a good deal and shipping it might be fiscally advantageous vs. building my own in Tonga.
My question is has anyone ever disassembled their wharram cat, Tiki or otherwise, and if so any stories, pointers, advice, etc.  Can it fit into a regular sea container ? Should I think about buying and shipping a trailer ? Would a professional boat mover be required ? Does anyone know any boat builders in B.C. that could be hired to dissassemble ?
I'm at the early stage of research but need to move quickly and the freight forwarders and boat movers in Canada are a bit slow to hope this forum is another well of info. Feel free to message email or respond here
Thanks in advance
Lea Lani

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Disassembling and Shipping a 31' Tiki

I am not able to answer your question completely but I can offer a few comments. I have seen the ad for the boat in question - you  are right, the price is very appealing and I even gave some thought to buying it myself. :)
The Tiki designs disassemble quite easily - the cross beams are lashed to the hulls, and the platform between the hulls breaks down into smaller pieces.I shipped my Tiki 21 to West Africa in a 40 foot container. sitting in a cradle that I had built on a 14 foot tralier. No problems with it.
It should be possible to ship the Tiki 31 in a similar fashion, although without requiring a trailer. Bunks can be fabricated to hold the hulls upright. I am not sure the width of each hull - it might be necesary in the 40 foot container to stagger them in order to get them to fit into the 8 foot width.
If I lived a bit closer to Vancouver Island, I would offer to assist with loading the boat - it sounds like you could provide a very good home for it, and it would be a great asset to the fishing co-op. I wish you success in yur endeavour.