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Junk rigs

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Junk rigs
Hello If you are interested in the junk rigs, the Junk Rig Association has made a big step in creating an active web site with public pages. Perhaps it should be a good example to follow for the rebirth of the Polynesian Catamaran Association......... Bertrand A message from the Junk Rig Association: We have decided to move the JRA towards being a web based organisation. We need to come into the 21st century; we need to speed up our communications; we need to “go green” and cut costs, and we need to become a truly global association, so that your geographical position is irrelevant to how you interact with the JRA. To make this happen, we have set up a new web site using a low-cost proprietary software package designed for managing clubs and associations. One of the features of the package is an online membership database which includes all your contact and renewal information as well as an online member directory and many other features. The package automates the membership renewal process for our association, and allows you to pay your subscription on line. There is an “Ask the Junkmaster” section (a.k.a. FAQ). There are also a comprehensive rallies calendar with registration; several specialised online discussion forums as well as a general discussion forum equivalent to the Yahoo junk rig group forum; news; email tools that allow us to provide you with more timely information on our activities; and a membership directory that allows you to make contact easily, with us, and with other members. The plan is to publish articles as they are received and not to wait until the next 6 monthly Newsletter is printed; and to place information for the members in an easily searched reference area more readily available to the membership. This should also show benefits to members who want to “go green”, and are prepared to save ever increasing printing and postage costs by downloading articles and the Newsletter in PDF format. To access the club's web site and to sign up, please go to There, click on "Join The JRA" option, at the bottom of the menu, and choose from the membership levels listed on the application form. “Website only” membership is the least expensive option, at £3 GBP p.a., and will give you access to all the available content. “Website + newsletter PDF” membership, at £10 p.a., will give you the ability to download both current and back numbers of JRA newsletters. You will be able to upgrade at any time. Payment of your subscription will be by way of Paypal. If you join us, you can click on the "View Profile" link at any time (top right of the screen, near the login box) to review and update your membership level, personal information, interests, privacy settings and other details as necessary. You will see the results displayed in the Membership Directory. If you have any questions about the membership process you can contact the webmaster: Please join us. Learn more about the junk rig and its undoubted advantages for cruising yachts; write articles about your junk rigged boat, your cruising etc, and send them in; contribute to forums and blogs; and add to photo albums of junk rigged boats. This website will become the main means of communication within the JRA, but it can only be as good as the JRA members, both existing and new, choose to make it. We hope to hear from you soon! The JRA Committee. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Best regards, David.
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junk rig on tiki 38

Dear JRA:
Do you have any members that have junk rigged a Tiki 38?

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Junk Rig

Hello I was wondering are there any problems with useing Junk rig sails I believe I read somewhere that James Wharram does not Like this Rig for catamarans because of flutttering sails causing wear along the leach then I also read of a solution to this problem by sewing on the leach 3 ply rope along the edge relieves this problem . any Ideas ?