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mounting wind generator

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mounting wind generator

Hi Guys
I have recently purchased a 400W wind Generator weinging 11.5kg and i wanted to mount to my Tiki 38. I was originally hoping to mount it on top of my mizzen mast but after a few trips in the bosuns chair i think that this may not be possible. I have seen it done but all on yachts with big aliminum masts.
The second option i was thinking about is mounting it neard the top of the mizzen mast just above the stays. I believe i may have roome but need to further investigate this.
I was hoping not to have to deck mount it. But had reservations with the mast being wooden ( i was planning on designing a clamped bracket ) to save drilling holes. 
If there is anyone out there that has been through this process or that can offer some advice im all ears.
Thanks Aaron