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Trampoline options

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Whipper snapper
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Trampoline options

Hey folks, time to decide on trampoline material. Any advice on type of material I should use or a company where I can get material or finished product would be greatly appreciated.

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trampoline options

Iused on my small 5 m cat a mash to cover the silos on the dairy farms. It is wery strong, it should protect the plastic cover from cows wlking on silo, it is resistant to UV rais. On the lower side  i strenghtend with plastic straps. watch that the strap and trampolin are stretched when you saw them together (Watch youtube Haka on hvar)

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hi, I used knotless fishing netting ( as supposed to netting that has knots ) which I purchased from a trawlwr supply business. I stretches a long way so it needs to be cut short all around. it is polyester material that I cut with a soldering iron so the edges on the cut are sealed. the netting is black and I used a 3mm polyester braid, also from the trawler supply to lash it on.  with that you can pull it in all around very well. It is extremely strong and it's now 14 years old and doesn't show any wear. I had knotted fishing netting before this one but it was very hard under bare feet.