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Seamus is now Galway Bay
After many difficulties with my original registration it seemed simpler to re-register than to solve the problems with my old one. I see that both Hanneke and James have had health issues recently , I wish them both well , and would love an up-date . I met them both in the '70s when they lived for a while in New Ross in Ireland . I was most impressed with the generosity with which I was received , arriving unannounced . I was generously taken on a tour of the very scattered offices [mobile homes or trailers as the cousins call them] and introduced to all the team . Coffee and biscuits in the old farm house/cottage followed and I was asked to sign the visitor's book . I was very impressed with all the team and their commitment to their way of life. I offer them now the traditional Irish New Year's blessing for good health "GO M'BEIRIMIDH BEO AR AN T'AM SEO ARIS". Beannachtai na feile casca dibh go leir - - The blessings of the Easter season to you all. Galway Bay