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Is this site active?

I was just looking in on this site for the firt time in a long while and wanted to reply to a couple of posts but can't even see how to do that.   It also seems that a lot of the recent posts are spam (is that the word?)  


Can anyone help with this please?



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Hi Greg, To reply to forum

Hi Greg,

To reply to forum posts there should be a little speech mark icon in the bottom right of the post that you can click on. Unfortunately there is lots of spam (Yep, that's the word) clogging up the forums at the moment - it's a problem we are currently working on. There is also the 'Blog' section on the old site, which is still fairly active and can be found here:

Hopefully this forum will be more lively and spam free in the not too distant future :)

-JamesP (Content editor)