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wharram builders on tour
We are John and Kat from Australia, members of the PCA and we are building a 42' Pahi due to launch in about a year. We will sailing on the Queen Mary from New York to Sydney in early 2011 and would be happy to meet with any wharram builders / owners along the way to discuss the trials and tribulations of building or owning a wharram. We're happy to exchange red wine for insight :D Our journey takes us to: UK (specifically London, Surrey, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Cambridge) Dec 31 to Jan 11 New York on Jan 12-13th Fort Lauderdale on January 15th Barbados on January 18th Salvador, Brazil on January 23rd Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on January 25th Montevideo, Uruguay on January 29th Cape Town, South Africa on February 4th and 5th Durban, South Africa on February 7th Mauritius on February 11th Fremantle, WA on February 17th Adelaide, SA on February 20th Sydney, NSW on February 22nd If you are anywhere along our route, please contact us. Cheers John and Kat