£700 donation for Tikopia Project

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By Hanneke Boon

We received the following letter together with a cheque for £700 from the ‘Multihull Group’, a UK association of businesses dealing in Multihulls.

Dear James, Ruth and Hanneke,

Having decided to dissolve the Multihull Group, everyone was in agreement that any remaining funds in the account would be donated to charity and be divided between Hilary Lister’s WSO Channel Challenge and the Tikopian Canoe Project.

So, it is with great pleasure that I enclose a cheque on behalf of the Group towards building the canoes for Tikopia and Anuta. Best wishes with the project.

Kind regards,
Darren Newton Chairman

The Tikopia Project would like to thank the ‘Multihull Group’ for their generous donation. It is appropriate that this money should go to a project that revives the origins of multihulls in their home land in the Pacific.