Tahiti Wayfarer plans finally finished!

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By Hanneke Boon

After many months of work, building plans for the Tahiti Wayfarer are finished. They are a work of art, with all building details sketched out in fine detail, so anyone can understand how to build her.

This is a pure Ethnic Canoe you can build for under £1000 (for the double canoe, less if you build the outrigger). Every part of her you can build yourself, including sails, spars, paddles and even wooden deadeyes, used as blocks. It is possible to build this boat using no ‘yachty’ hardware whatsoever. The only modern materials are the plywood and the epoxy/glass to build the hulls.

We can’t all build great Ethnic Canoes like Hans Klaar, but anyone interested in experimenting with a Crabclaw Sail and Steering Paddle can build a Tahiti Wayfarer and have years of fun, sailing her, paddling her, camping up creeks, exploring the lagoon. Wherever you are in the World.

Buy the Plans now and build her over the coming Winter.

Tahiti Wayfarer sailing in a creek