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By Hanneke Boon
Early man and the ocean - conference and film festival - 2-5 April 2008 Bygdeynes, Oslo

The Kon-Tiki Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Bygdøynes, Oslo, Norway.

'Early Man and the Ocean', an adventure film festival where new and classic documentaries of great sea-adventures and marine experimental archaeological projects are screened, will take place at two museums and on five screens simultaneously. Suitable for anyone who have an interest in ancient seafaring and navigation.

Organizers: The Kon-Tiki Museum, The Norwegian Maritime Museum, Culture Historic Museums, University in Oslo (Viking Ship Museum).

'Current Knowledge of Ancient Navigation and Sailing Techniques', Conference at Bygdøynes April 3.-4. 2008

The objective of the conference is to contribute to the theoretical and methodological perspectives of marine experimental archaeology. The organisers see this conference as an opportunity to present new knowledge obtained through experimental use of replica-vessels, both coastal and ocean-going.

James and Hanneke will be presenting a paper on the 'Lapita-voyage' project at the Conference in the morning session on 4th April.

During the Festival there will also be a talk with slides by James Wharram and a book signing of the Norwegian edition of 'Two Girls Two Catamarans' recently published by Flyt under the title 'Med en kvinne i hvert skrog'. This will be on the evening of 2nd April at approx. 6pm in the centre of Oslo at SKUR 28 close to the Rådhuset (City Hall).

For more information see the Kon-Tiki Website.