First Tiki 8m sailing in the US

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By Hanneke Boon

Boatsmith Inc. the professional Wharram yard in Florida, have finished their first fiberglass production Tiki 8m and took it out for a sea trial. All went smoothly and the boat sailed really well. The wind was very light but the boat zipped along. Here's a YouTube video of the Tiki under sail during the trial.

Boatsmith is building two Tiki 8m for the Marriott Hotel, this is the first one sailing. You will notice the boat is rigged with a Bermudan rig, this rig belonged to the catamaran the Tiki 8m will be replacing as beach charter boat. JWD recommends the Wharram Wingsail Rig for this design, as it is easier to hoist and lower in all wind directions and has less turbulence with the wrap around mainsail.

The Tiki 8m is now available from Boatsmith, please contact them for further details.

Tiki 8m sailing