Amatasi Launched!

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By Hanneke Boon

On Wednesday 12th October Amatasi was launched.

The day was chosen weeks ago for the full moon with a spring tide, a propitious day. Nineteen years ago ‘Spirit of Gaia’ was launched at the full moon, her launching was a great memorable event and she has been a happy ship ever since. We hope the same will be the future of Amatasi.

The weather on launch day was beautiful, after days of grey clouds and drizzle, the sun shone, a light breeze blowing.

Amatasi on land at launch ceremony
Amatasi on land at launch ceremony
Amatasi on land at launch ceremony

85 people were there to celebrate her entering the water, including old friends, press and television.

Next week the tides will be high enough to take her for her first sail, but first we are making the deck cuddy, for which there was no time before launch day, and doing final work on the rudder attachments.

Amatasi on the water being paddled
Amatasi on the water

James will be writing a full report soon, but is right now preparing for a lecture for the Association of Yachting Historians this Saturday at the National Maritime Museum –Falmouth. Life has been hectic at JWD to get Amatasi ready on time for her launching, so our apologies for lack of communications from this office.

More reports and photos soon.