First sails on Amatasi

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By Hanneke Boon

This week on the high (spring) tides we have made our first sails on Amatasi, I should say rows, as there has been very little wind. Here in Devoran the spring tides are unfortunately always in the late afternoon, so leaving us only a short sailing slot before sunset.

Anyway, she is easy to row, making about 2 – 2.5 knots under oar power.

James at the helm of Amatasi
James at the helm of Amatasi
Michael rowing Amatasi

She is also a very good ghoster, moving along in the lightest of breeze. The new style side rudders are very responsive, turning the boat with a light touch to the tiller. She tacked at slow speed, even without backing the mizzen, which we had counted on having to do. We let the main back for a moment before sheeting it on the other side.

Amatasi steering paddle rudder

Next week we will move the boat into Carrick Roads, where we will be able to sail in the daytime and experience more varied wind and wave conditions.

The sight of the boat sailing has attracted a lot of attention in our village, with many comments about its beauty.