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By Emma Teague

As we are an International company and a global enterprise it is for me no surprise to be sending a book, Study Plans or Building Plans to far off places. However one country has stood out in our office with the number of Wharram builders rocketing in the last year - that country is Brazil!

We currently have 13 new builders based in different parts of the country, each building their own Wharram Catamaran. Mainly Tiki 21’s and Tiki 30’s and a Tiki 26 owned by a group of four friends. All of these boats are now under construction and we hope one day will gather together to celebrate their shared experiences of building a Wharram Catamaran!

Here is an email from one of the builders. I have purposely left the text as Roger wrote it for a totally Brazilian experience!:

“Dear friends of the family Wharram.

“My name is Roger and I have 47 years. When I was twenty years old was surfer and found a neighbour who had a sailboat. I learned to sail with him and for 10 years been involved with racing and a dream of having my own boat and travel to the Pacific to surf. But time went by and come the sons, work, responsibilities...

“But the dream was awakened in November 2010 when I discovered the beautiful and practical boats designed by you. I was very impressed with the history of Wharram’s boats. And coincidences of life, I found a Tiki 26 in Florianopolis (800km far) to get to know the Tiki. I knew Roberto Costa Souza, who has build a Tiki 26 “Toatoa”, nice work. We sailing another Tiki 26 “Paikea”. I loved the stability and space in the cockpit. When I returned to Rio de Janeiro it was decided to build my boat. But no money...

“I did a project. Calculated construction time and the cost of Tiki 26, 30, 38. I took the idea to some friends. Everyone liked. My enthusiasm was so much that two friends bought the idea and the boat chosen was the Tiki 30. In April 2011, bought the materials and start the building in May 12.

“Throughout the year 2011 the boat was being built in a carpentry shop next home, but 20km from the sea. Me and my friend, Fred Kerr, worked four hours a day and 8 hours on Saturdays. Fred has manufactured surfboards and I had manufactured skateboards, our experience and friendship is working and there is another partner who sponsors us.

“In December we moved the building to a club in the margin of the Guanabara bay. Wharram is magic, plans are taking shape and turned into strong hulls and beautiful curves. Our blog was created so all 3 partners could track progress daily. But life has created and attracted friends. Today we completed 25,000 page views. Now there are four boats Tiki 30 being built in Brazil, three of them go to water even in 2012. I became a Wharram’s counsellor, my motto is “In doubt follow the plan”.

“The ‘Tiki Rio’ is the first boat in my Wharram history. I hope one day to meet James, Hanneke, Ruth and all. All you give me back the dream, your ideas, simplicity and lifestyle are examples of life. Maybe in a rendezvous Wharram in Brazil in the summer of 2013, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro.


Rogerio Martin (Roger-X)

Follow Rogerio's Building Blog Here:

Tiki 26 on land
Tiki 26 'Polynesia', one of the first Wharrams built in Brazil in 2002.
Tiki 21 sailing
Tiki 21 'De Ronda' in 2005.
Tiki 30 hull under construction
Rogerio's Tiki 30 under construction
Tiki 30 hull on a truck
Rogerio's Tiki 30 being moved to the new worksite
Another Tiki 30 under construction