New opportunity to work with Hanneke Boon on Spirit of Gaia

Home News New opportunity to work with Hanneke Boon on Spirit of Gaia
By Hanneke Boon

Due to Hanneke breaking her leg in March the work trip to Greece had to be postponed and will now take place during September 2012.

Hanneke will be taking Spirit of Gaia to Messolonghi Marina/boatyard (a new marina under Dutch management), just West of the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. She will be doing renovating work on her to make her again the ocean-going Wharram Flagship she should be. We are looking for anyone who would like to help with this work.

Wharram Pahi 63 sailing

Anyone with skills in the following would be very welcome:

  • Rope and rigging: The work will include repainting the masts and rigging them with new Dyneema standing rigging, which will be spliced onto the existing deadeyes. All beam lashings and lanyards will be replaced.
  • Woodwork: There will be a fair bit of skilled woodwork, the hatches and coamings are suffering from patches of rot and need new timber splicing in. The washboard sliders leak and need replacing. Other new hardwood needs to be fitted, grabrails etc. The engine boxes need new ply/epoxy/glass lids.
  • Painting: Then there will be various painting jobs, antifouling and deckpaint.
  • Mechanics/electrical: New outboard motors will be installed. The electrical system needs checking and new solar panels fitted.
Wharram Pahi 63 being lifted by crane
Being lifted out in Corfu 2002
Engine box
Gaia's engine boxes need new lids

You will be working closely with Hanneke, who of course will be very happy to share her vast experience in design and sailing with her helpers. Food and a bunk on board will be free (cooking on board to be shared), but you will have to arrange your own transport to Greece.

Hanneke will be driving to Greece to move on board at the end of August, to get Gaia ready for moving to the yard, which is a day’s sail away from her present mooring.

Depending on the number of participants the work is estimated to take from 4 to 5 weeks.

Anyone interested, please write to us via our contact form. Please tell us about your skills and interests and time available.

Hanneke using a power tool
Hanneke at work during Gaia's last big refit