Meeting of the ‘Golden Oldies’

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By Hanneke Boon

In 2005 in France people set up the Golden Oldies Multihulls Association. Its aims are to support individual actions to protect the heritage of historic offshore multihulls. Most of its members own Classic racing multihulls designed before 1988, there are also Silver members with special multihulls of a slightly later date.

On May 15th -20th they will be holding a sailing meeting in Sète in the South of France to which James and Hanneke have been invited. They were tempted to sail ‘Spirit of Gaia’ to the meeting, but logistics are too problematic. However, sistership to Gaia, ‘Largyalo’, will be attending the meeting and James and Hanneke have been asked to sail on board her.

Also attending will be Jeaques Pierret with his trans-Atlantic Tiki 38 ‘Pilgrim’ and another Tiki 26. Anyone wishing to meet James and Hanneke in the South of France, do try to come to the gathering.

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Black and white photo of Wharram Hinemoa with sails up
Hinemoa 'Morningstar' built in 1969