Sixty years since trans-Atlantic trip

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By Hanneke Boon
Newspaper article - Sixty years since trans-Atlantic trip

On 27th September it will be 60 years since James Wharram, with Ruth and Jutta set sail from Falmouth on 23'6" Tangaroa, to become the first people to sail a multihull both ways across the Atlantic. The "Falmouth Packet' newspaper has been the first to publish an excellent article about this important event in the history of multihulls.

We will be celebrating this event on 30th September in our studio/workshop, with the part built Mana 24 as a central display, to show how James' work has come full circle in 60 years with a new 23'6" catamaran. Anyone in Cornwall on that day can call by in the afternoon. If you are planning to come, do let us know!

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