Pahi 52

Ocean cruiser charter Double Canoe / Catamaran, designed by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon.

The Pahi 52 can be the ideal ocean cruiser or built to be a perfect charter yacht. Originally designed with a simple ‘Flexispace’ interior, some have been fitted out with well-appointed cabins and bathrooms.

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Pahi 52

The first Pahi 52 built by Seascape was called ‘White Seal’. This is what the owner had to say about her:

“White Seal was launched in July 2004 and first sailed in October. She is truly luxurious with a sumptuous master suite, two lovely guest cabins and two delightful bathrooms (both with piping hot water). The galley is fully equipped with fridge/freezer, cooker, microwave and duel sinks. On deck she has a huge cockpit, steering command station and skipper’s berth right by the wheel. Her piece de resistance is the stern ramp, which lowers to form a jetty for the dinghy to come alongside at sea and a stairway that lowers into the sea for diving and swimming. She is schooner rigged with Wharram wing sails and points well, making little leeway and is easy to handle single-handed.”

Building Method Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Accommodation/WLL 42' 12.80m
LOA 51' 8" 15.75m
Beam Overall 24' 7.3m
Beam of each hull 6' 1.83m
Draft (Max) 2' 9" 0.85m
Headroom 6' 2" 1.88m
Sleeping capacity 8
Unladen weight 5.55 ton
Loading capacity 4 ton
Rig Gaff Wingsail Schooner
Sail area 1000 sq ft / 91sqm
Building time estimate 4000 hours
Pahi 52
Pahi 52 interior

The Pahi 52 is not available for home build. Seascape was originally the world’s sole builder, but since we have had to cancel our franchise agreement with Seascape due to mal practice, the Pahi 52 is now solely available from our Franchised yard in the Philippines, Andy Smith Boatworks, to ensure that all Pahi 52s are constructed to the highest standards.

The two Pahi 52s that were built by Seascape in 2004 / 2005 for Greek charter operation Archipel Club were the first professionally built Wharrams to be certified by the European Community as complying with the RCD.

“White Seal’ is now being used by Planet Ocean under her new name ‘Pakia tea' - see

Pahi 52

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