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Sea, Sun & Taraipo is an adventure story about escaping the rat race on a sailing boat. John Jameson set off on a Wharram 35ft Tangaroa catamaran, Taraipo, to cross the Atlantic and survived losing the mast in a storm, a mugging in Brazil and a collision in the night, and saved a drowning man at sea. He tells the story of what it is really like to share life in a very small space, in constant motion, with nowhere to hide. His dream of crossing an ocean became a 'decade out', with a back-to-basics, zero-carbon lifestyle full of adventure, challenges and romance, while sailing around the world.

The author

John Jameson is a sailor, adventurer, writer, and artist. He taught and coached hundreds of sailors and windsurfers in France and the UK, and was the RYAS National Sailing Coach. He was born with the sailing bug, and is still addicted to sailing and the freedom of the worlds oceans. His voyage began as a year-out and became a nine year odyssey, circling the whole world. 'Sea, Sun & Taraipo' is easy reading for newcomers to sailing, and dreamers, with a glossary, maps, and 50 photos. For the first time in history the freedom of the seas has been seriously curtailed by Covid-19 and the closure of ports, harbours, and island communities around the world. Now is the time to read this story, dream of heading for the wide blue horizon, and prepare for the day when we can set sail again.

An exciting, no nonsense, page turner

An exciting, no nonsense, page turner sprinkled with life affirming poetry. It is the account of a one and a half circumnavigation only achievable by a yachtsman and windsurfer of exceptional ability and experience. John Jameson shows a real love, respect and understanding of the sea in a cannily chosen vessel in the Polynesian tradition. He and his crews, one of whom, Nicole, became his wife, faced the fierceness of the ocean and the ambivalence that creates in sailors. Adapting to life on a shoestring, meeting crime and the utmost friendliness and generosity of fellow sailors and local people throughout the world, finding surprising solutions to the damages Taraipo endured, are only some of the experiences which make this tale unique.

- J Sherlock

An amazing story which every sailing enthusiast will enjoy

I first encountered Taraipo with John and Nicole on board in 2007 at the Chagaramas anchorage in Trinidad. Having built a 28' Wharram cat in the past I was interested to visit and was astounded by what I saw and heard. A short mast, a non-operating engine, no fridge and yet a fantastic sailing achievement. I was to meet them again in Tahiti and Tonga during my own circumnavigation and now that the book had been published I relished reading it. Trying to put ten years of voyages around the world in a book is not easy; I found myself eager to get more details of the many interesting legs. Still, it is an amazing story which every sailing enthusiast will enjoy.

- Miki Barzam, Catamaran Two Oceans

Delightful and informative

Delightful and informative, especially if you are yourself dreaming of such a voyage. John's book tells a really beautiful story and packs in lots of great detail and information. I read it because I want to set out as he did, on a simple boat onto the world's oceans ... and I want to all the more having read the book. A real pleasure.

- Tony Curzon Price