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Pahi Designs

Hanneke Boon drawing boat plans in a studio

All Wharram building plans are drawn for the first time builder, so anyone with a modicum of practical ability can build one of our designs. They are all based on decades of actual building experience of the boats, so you know it will work.

The Pahi Designs are a different visual/sculptural approach to the basic design elements inherent in the Classic designs. Constructionally, they are simpler to build, and they are designed to use quick growing softwood plys, as our contribution to save the destruction of the tropical hardwood forests. PAHI in Polynesian dialects means "ship".

The Pahi Building Plans were drawn in the late 1970 and 1980s. They follow a sequential drawing layout, drawn to scale on large sheets, showing the boat at different building stages and clearly showing which parts are added at each stage. They are very detailed, with many 3-d illustrations on the Plan sheets to clearly explain the construction in a very pictorial form, so people with little knowledge of the English language can still understand how to do it. Much thought has gone into reduced boat maintenance through clever design.

James Wharram Pahi Building Plans