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Complete, clear and detailed plans to build your own Wharram Catamaran, that have often been described as a 'course in boat building'. All Wharram building plans are drawn for the first time builder, so anyone with a modicum of practical ability can build one of our designs. Wharram designs are all based on decades of actual building and sailing experience of the boats, so you can be confident in its sailing capabilities and safety.

The PAHI Designs are a different visual/sculptural approach to the basic design elements inherent in the Classic Designs. From the coastal trekking Pahi 26 to the impressive 63' flagship of the Wharram fleet 'Spirit of Gaia' - the PAHI shape is more evocatively 'Female'. Constructionally, they are simpler to build, using epoxy fillets instead of wood joints, and are designed to use softwood plys which are coated and glassed with epoxy to achieve a durable finish. The PAHI designs were the first to use rope lashings to attach the crossbeams, giving a shock absorbing effect, without the need for metal fittings.

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Small double canoe catamaran with yellow sail on the water
Double canoe catamaran on a city river
Beached yellow catamaran
Large double canoe catamaran with red sails, cruising the coast
Red and white catamaran sailing
Catamaran with green tent, people aboard
Wooden beams under construction