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Wharram Wingsail Rig for Pahi 26

Wharram Shop:

Wharram Wingsail Rig Conversion for Pahi 26. Using the Wingsail Rig instead of the original Bermudan Cutter Rig places the mast further forward and gives a clear centre deck with more usable space.

First designed in the early 1980s for the Tiki 21, the unique Wharram Wingsail Rig is a simple, aerodynamically clean sail rig. It is now available for use on all Wharram designs as a sloop, or schooner rig. This article gives all the details of what makes it work.

Diagram demonstrating hoisting and handling the Wingsail
Hoisting and handling the Wingsail
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Price: £122.00