Wharram Wingsail Rig for Pahi Designs (Optional)

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Originally designed in the early 1980s for the Tiki 21, the unique Wharram Wingsail Rig is a simple, aerodynamically clean sail rig. It is now available for use on all Wharram designs as a sloop, or schooner rig. This article gives all the details of what makes it work.

Wharram Wingsail Rig Conversion for Pahi Designs. Sailplan including spar construction and rigging details.

Using the Wingsail Rig instead of the original Bermudan Cutter Rig places the mast further forward and gives a clear centre deck with more usable space.

Note: The Schooner variation of the Wingsail rig, as seen on other larger designs, is not available for the Pahi 42 as it is not suitable.

Hoisting and handling the Wingsail