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  • Rongo self-build boat plans
  • 60 page photo book 'History of Rongo'
  • Book of articles about Rongo from 1960-61
  • Signed copy of 'Two Girls, Two Catamarans'

60 years ago in 1959, the 40ft catamaran Rongo arrived in North Wales after crossing the North Atlantic. Rongo was the first catamaran to have made this difficult voyage, sailed by James Wharram and his two German women companions. In the 1950s catamarans had not yet been acknowledged as viable seagoing sailing vessels and James pioneered their concept and proved their inherent seaworthiness with his Atlantic voyages.

To celebrate the first epic Atlantic crossing of Rongo we are reprinting the original Building Plans of this design, beautifully drawn by Jutta in 1960. These come in a presentation box-set including a photo book of the history of Rongo, and the story of her further Atlantic voyages in 1960-61, plus a signed copy of James’ book about his pioneering voyages 'Two Girls Two Catamarans'.

These Building Plans can be used to build a model or a full size replica of this famous design. The presentation pack comes in numbered editions, maximum 60, for each of the 60 years since her first West-to-East Atlantic voyage.

What's inside the box?
Rongo Design Data
Overall Length: 40' 12.19 m
Waterline Length: 33' 10.05 m
Overall Beam: 18' 5.48 m
Beam of each hull: 5' 3" 1.60 m
Draft: 2' 0.60 m
Headroom: 5' 8" 1.72 m
Sleeping capacity: Two double bunks, 3 single bunks
Sail area: 750 sqft 69.67 sqm

Great set of drawings and photo book of the voyages of Rongo.

I have received mine. Great set of drawings and photo book of the voyages of Rongo. But I was shocked to read about Jutta's illness and her suicide. So sad and a shock although I had read in TGTC that she passed away I had no idea what a horrific situation it was. No wonder James and Ruth were unable to continue their voyage. Poor things must have been traumatized and it's so sad a story. But that aside this book and the articles should be widely published as the courage and inspiration of James Wharram is a great story. I would love to read more about his life and see a book telling the Tehini and Gaia stories. There must be so much more to tell.

- Martin Phillips

Very pleased. Well presented.

Got my Rongo Limited Edition today and I was very pleased. Well presented and more than a limited edition. The material is history, science, innovation and adventure story all in one.

- Willard Harman Stewart