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A shiny pendant
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Unique pendant with the Wharram Eye-symbol made in Cornish pewter by St. Justin. Includes cord and velvet pouch.

Our Trademark the Eye-symbol is the ancient symbol of the bird goddess associated with the early European megalithic Seafarers of approx. 5000 years ago. Its origins lie in the Balkan region, but it has been found carved on rocks and ornaments from Crete, round the coasts of Europe, to the Baltic. One famous example is the carvings on the Folkton Drums in the British Museum. Some archaeologists believe it may have been the origin of the owl carried by the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. James Wharram adopted this symbol as his trademark in 1965 after having used it for a focus in meditation.

Pendant diameter 38mm.

Pendant on purple velvet pouch with leaflet
St Justin Pewter Leaflet
Pendant on purple velvet pouch with leaflet
Pendant on purple velvet pouch with leaflet