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Islander 65 Study Plan (Digital Download)

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Wharram Study Plans are intended to provide more detail than is available in the Design Book. In particular, they will help you decide if a particular boat design is for you.

The most important part of the Study Plan is the Materials List, which will list the major boat building materials requirements so you can cost your project in your own area.

We feel sure that after studying these plans you will appreciate the quality and detail of the Building Plans, which, for the more recent designs, are more like a course in wooden boat building than just a plan set.

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The Islander 65 'Vaka Motu' was originally designed in 2000 as an island-hopping cargo/passenger/trading vessel. With her 10 ton load carrying ability, she is also a very suitable vessel for expedition work, charter or as a dive boat.

Her interior can be either simple flexispace with cargo holds, keeping the cost of the vessel down, or with various options of cabin accommodation. For strength and lightness the hulls are built in double diagonal plywood, she is totally sheathed in WEST glass/epoxy system.

With a waterline hull beam/length ratio of 12:1 (11:1 deeply loaded), she will move through the water with minimum wave drag at speeds of 1.50 x vWLL plus, giving easy 24 hours averages of 150 to 200 miles (more if driven in ideal sailing conditions).

Good sailing ability is a major part of the design concept. The Islander 65 uses the Wharram Wingsail Schooner Rig, which has proved itself as a simple, but aerodynamically very efficient rig over many years of ocean use on Wharram’s own Pahi 63.

Several Charity groups that need simple vessels with low energy input, shallow draft, good sailing speeds and large deck space, for their projects in far flung areas of the world, are planning to use the Islander 65.

The Islander 65 is only available professionally built by Andy Smith Boatworks in the Philippines.

  • 1 x A0 Plan Sheet
  • 3 x A4 and 2 x A3 interior layout options and other drawings
  • 5 x Pages of boat specifications
  • 2 x A4 and 3 x A3 colour drawings and photos
  • 2 x Magazine articles
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Length overall 65'20.15m
Length waterline 54' 2" 16.50m
Beam overall 31' 9.45m
Draft at full displacement 3' 11" 1.20m
Weight (empty)   9-10 tons
Maximum displacement   20 tons
Sail area 1238 sqft 115 sqm
Price: £23.00
Digital Download
(Hard copy no longer available)