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Wharram Study Plans are intended to help you decide if a particular boat design is for you. They provide more detail than is available in the Design Book. The most important part of the Study Plan is the Materials List, which will list the major boat building materials requirements so you can cost your project in your own area. We feel sure that after studying these plans you will appreciate the quality and detail of the Building Plans.

Study Plans are only available as digital downloads. Downloads are instant access and eliminate delivery costs, which is particularly beneficial for international customers. They can also be printed if you wish.

The Mana 24 design does not have a study plan, comprehensive design information is available on our site.

Buying more than one Study Plan? The following discounts will be applied automatically:

  • Two Study Plans: 10% off
  • Three Study Plans: 20% off
  • Four or more Study Plans: 30% off

The TIKI designs range from the coastal trekking/car trailable Tiki 21, to the comfortable and spacious ocean cruiser or charter boat, the Tiki 46. Although a Tiki 21 and a number of Tiki 26s have made ocean crossings, this is only for the experienced sailor. The larger TIKI designs of 30ft and over are craft capable of longer voyages and ocean crossings. On the larger TIKIs the 'Deckpod' offers sheltered steering and the 'Stern Ramp' provides easy access to and from the water. All TIKI building Plans are very detailed, supplying a building sequence as a book of 3-D sketches.

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A beached catamaran in the sunshine
Yellow catamaran sailing
Catamaran sailing
Double canoe catamaran on a pontoon
Large catamaran with red sails at sea, one person on deck
Large catamaran with three sails, cruising on blue seas