Design Improvement Package 2 - for Classic Designs

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This package, for most Classic designs (35' Tangaroa or larger), includes the contents of Design Improvement Package 1, which offers small deck pod, boarding ramp, engine box to fit Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 hp outboards. It shows alternative fixing of slatted decks and the main mast step.

Additionally, this package also includes information specific to each Classic Design for Tiki style laminated I-section crossbeams and includes the drawing "Beam Lashings for Classic Designs".

Please specify which Classic Design you have/are building, as the beam design is different for each!

Suitable for:

  • Tangaroa Mk I
  • Tangaroa Mk II
  • Tangaroa Mk IV
  • Raka
  • Narai
  • Oro
  • Ariki
  • Tehini
Woman in deckpod
Lowering ramp
Boarding Ramp
Outboard engine in box below deck
Engine Box
Slatted decks on Wharram boat
Alternative fitting of slatted decks
Man next to mast on Wharram boat
Alternative fitting of main mast step
Crossbeam under construction
Tiki style laminated I-section crossbeams
Beam lashings
Beam Lashings
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