Raka Self-Build Boat Plans

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Building Method:Ply/Timber/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 36' 10.97 m
Beam Overall: 19' 5.80 m
Waterline length: 30' 9.14 m
Draft: 2' 0.61 m
Weight:   1.7 Tons
Loading capacity:   1-1.5 Tons
Working Sail area: 415 sqft 38.6 sqm
Max Sail area:627 sqft58.3 sqm
Building Time Estimate: 1600 hrs  
The RAKA class, the same length as the TANGAROA, is a Slim-Line ship. Originally designed for George Payne who wanted a boat that he could enter in local club races in the Bristol Channel and stand a chance of winning.

He won several.
A Study Plan of this design can help you decide if this is the boat for you.
Wharram Wingsail RigLooking for a Wharram Wingsail Rig for this design?
Single Mast Sloop or Two Masted Schooner available.
Price: £774.00
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