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Wharram Study Plans are intended to provide more detail than is available in the Design Book. In particular, they will help you decide if a particular boat design is for you.

The most important part of the Study Plan is the Materials List, which will list the major boat building materials requirements so you can cost your project in your own area.

We feel sure that after studying these plans you will appreciate the quality and detail of the Building Plans, which, for the more recent designs, are more like a course in wooden boat building than just a plan set.

Digital Downloads of all our Study Plans are available. They are available in hard copy format or as a digital download. The downloads are instant access and have the benefit of eliminating costly postal charges for international customers.

The Pahi Designs are a different visual/sculptural approach to the basic design elements inherent in the Classic designs. Constructionally, they are simpler to build, and they are designed to use quick growing softwood plys, as our contribution to save the destruction of the tropical hardwood forests. PAHI in Polynesian dialects means "ship".

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