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Classic Wharram in NZ for sale

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Anonymous (not verified)
Classic Wharram in NZ for sale
Just saw an interesting looking Wharram for sale on trademe.co.nz The ad mentions that it was built in the 70s and extensively rebuilt in the 90s. It seems to have three main beams from the pictures. Asking $65NZ http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults.aspx?searchType=0001-0348-... wonder if that link would work?? quite a few pictures GregF
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Classic Wharram in NZ for sale
still there at the same price in March 2011. Have been looking for a Narai of any sort in Australia (east coast) but none have come up at a reasonable price (one that I can afford) in the past 12 months. There's a modified Oro (Oro Mark IV+) for sale in Tasmania at present but the price is totally out of my league and that's the only larger Wharram that I've seen here for sale in the past 12 months. Does anybody know of any possible boats that may fit this bill? GregF
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