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Where are they now?

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Where are they now?
Just found an article on the web about the second cruise of Oborea, Roly Hubesch' Narai MkII from Eastern Canada down to the Carribean and then across the Atlantic and back. Some great illustrations form Roly, too. GregF http://twoartists.home.sapo.pt/Voyages/voyage2t.htm
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Where are they now?
Speaking of where are they now, was wondering if anybody knows the whereabouts of Mike Bromley and his Pahi 31 called ATC? Mike used to stay in the Sydney area (New South Wales) quite a bit with his boat and I heard some time later that he had been at Port Stephens for a while but haven't heard of or seen him for many years. First ran in to Mike in Five Dock Bay around 1989 or so when we went past his mooring in our Tane. We stopped and had a chat for a while and Mike explained that he used to have a Tane that he had built and he sailed that from the East Coast of Australia over to Norfolk Island and then up to Truk ?? I seem to remember, and then back down to Cairns in Nth Queensland, where he lived on the boat until going south again to build the Pahi 31. Mike sailed the Pahi 31 to Tonga and back just before we met him but we lost contact after he sailed on, which must have been around 1990. Would be good to get any news of where Mike may be now. GregF
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