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wingsail battens?

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Anonymous (not verified)
wingsail battens?
Hi people, Am building Hinemoa, with wingsail rig. Sailmaker phoned today asking whether to fit battens or not? anyone know the pros & cons?
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: wingsail battens?
I got talked into fitting battens on the wingsail on my Hinemoa and regretted it, largely because the sailmaker did not make them as I expected but sewed them it. Not being able to take them out easily made reefing and stowing the sail harder as the lower ones get in the way. They do help with the sail shape a bit and mean you can have some roach but you should make sure that they can be taken out and that they spread the load out into the sail as they tend to form a hinge for the sail to flog around.
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