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building from scrap

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building from scrap
so, it happened I bought my self some plans. to build a melanesia that is. I want to build it using as much scrap material as possible. for various reasons(some more idealistic others more practical). I heard about people using old door skins and I also heard some people complaining that it is not good enough.can anybody tell wether i should orshouldn't use doorskins for my mainhull? and does anybody have more sugestions about using scrap? How does a melanesia perform when it comes to sailing? how seaworthy is an outrigger canoe? are there any people that havebuilt one on this forum? and are there any wharrambuilders in or around holland? i'd like to get in contact with people that can help me to some info. Mick
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: building from scrap
I've used door skin to build a 14' and a 16' outrigger canoe of my own design and used them hard for years with no disappointment. These have a layer of 6oz cloth epoxied on the outside. just be careful to get exterior grade not interior or if not sure boil it to find out. The kind I used is 2.8mm thick so make sure this is consistant with the design specs. Although I like outrigger canoes a lot you have to take 100% responsibility yourself when it comes to seaworthiness.
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Hey. Didn't get any response

Hey. Didn't get any response in 2 years. Did you build the Melanesia? I just bought plans for Tahiti Wayfarer. Would love to hear about your experiences.

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