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Crabclaw and stuff

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Crabclaw and stuff
I have ordered Wharram's design book. I think I would really like the Child of the Sea, but I think it may be a bit large of a project, maybe not. Anyway I was wondering if someone could recommend some books about polynesian boats. Particularly books discussing the crabclaw rig design and handling.
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Crabclaw and stuff
You are about to begin a very long, wonder-filled adventure of reading and library crawling, Weedeater64. Welcome & Enjoy! The prime source for original Polynesian watercraft is [b]Canoes of Oceania[/b] by Haddon and Hornell, Bishop Museum Press, Hawaii. It is no longer in print but copies can occasionally be bought online (ABE.com or Amazon.com). Most state & university libraries have a copy (at least they do here in Aus). Other titles of interest for a start I could suggest: [b]The Voyage of the Kaimiloa[/b] by Eric de Bisschop (available online for free from this forum. search topic) [b]We, the Navigators[/b] by David Lewis [b]A Song for Satawal[/b] by Kenneth Brower (Chapter 2) [b]Sail Performance[/b] by C A Marchaj, Chap 11: "Sail Power of Various Rigs" discusses crab claw rig in depth. It is considered by most to be the prime source.
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