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Info on Local Boats

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Anonymous (not verified)
Info on Local Boats
Hi, I'm new to the Wharram Forum. I've been sailing 41 years this summer on all kinds of monohulls & a lot of multihulls. I've always found Wharram's to be an interesting mix of simplicity and good sailing characteristics, though with the idiosyncrasies of the design basics of course. (Narrow hulls, etc.). I've been on just a very few over the years, though I did race on one out of Toronto around 20 years ago, a 40'er (classic design I think) and was impressed by how it sailed when compared to other multihulls the Toronto Multihull Cruising Club had, which included a Brown Searunner 31 similar to the one my wife and I had at the time. I've been looking at boats again and am looking for any Wharram owners anywhere in the general vicinity of New York City, especially around Long Island. If there are, or if someone on the forum know's of anyone in that area, I'd appreciate any information on contacting them. I'd like to take a closer look at some Wharram cat(s), especially in the 26' - to - 30' range, or slightly larger. Thanks for any advice and information on this. Fred Long Island, NY, USA
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Info on Local Boats
Fred, I believe there's somebody in NJ trying to sell a Tangaroa. Scott Brown's brokerage page has some info: http://www.multihulls.uk.com/wharram/Tangaroa_1147.htm Not sure if that is helpful, but it's the best I can think of. --Rich in Colorado
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